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Help Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Children's Health Defense end systemic medical racism and unearth the truth...

Become an ambassador for the groundbreaking documentary

Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

Are you passionate about ending government coercion and medical abuse of people of color?

Do you believe that where there's a risk from vaccination in our bodies and our children's bodies, we must have a choice?

We do too!

Our mission at CHD with our unprecedented documentary is to raise awareness of the atrocities that have not just happened throughout our history, but are still happening today.

But, more importantly, we want to do everything we can to stop history from repeating itself.

Producer and Chairman of Children's Health Defense Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said it best when he said, "Our hope in producing this film is to learn from the past misdeeds, so we can avoid their future repetition."

And you can help us achieve our mission...

Avoid Censorship! Be a Part of the Movement

What you could learn from this film could save your life. And, as an ambassador, you could help countless others.

Be part of the mission to put an end to the long-standing experimentation on people of color.

As an ambassador you'll get:

Access to social content to share as well as our free newsletter, The Defender.
A dedicated link to share so you can track your impact.
Information about hosting your own event.

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